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Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation

Having Your Baby Through Egg DonationWhen the first edition of Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation came out in 2005, it was selected as one of the top 20 consumer health books for that year. At the time, it was the most comprehensive book on the subject of egg donation. However, in a rapidly changing field, the first edition was quickly dated. In addition, it was written primarily for a U.S audience and failed to acknowledge that egg donation is increasingly common worldwide. The new, trimmed down, updated and truly global 2013 edition builds and expands on the strengths of the first book, described as follows by Dr. Luigi Mastroianni, Jr, the William Goodall Professor or Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Pennsylvania: “The issues covered in this nicely arranged volume range from the technical to the philosophical, providing a matter-of-fact assessment of the procedures involved in the use of donor eggs and the interactions associated with them. Every aspect of egg donation is covered with clarity and precision….It is factual and humane and a must read …”

Choosing Assisted Reproduction

Choosing Assisted ReproductionIn a starred review, Library Journal
wrote of Choosing Assisted Reproduction, "Here the authors, who have been involved in the support and education of infertile couples for many years, explore in compelling detail the medical, legal, ethical and psychological implications of assisted reproductive technology. The first part of the book explains--with a minimum of technical language--the alphabet of treatments and covers pregnancy after ART and pregnancy loss. The second part looks in detail at third-party parenting options--sperm donation, ovum donation, surrogacy, gestational care, and embryo donation. The authors provide guidelines and suggestions for openness with children born as a result of ART, strongly urging truth concerning genetic origins. Essential of anyone considering ART, this is highly recommended for most libraries."

The Long-Awaited Stork

The Long-Awaited StorkA successful pregnancy or adoption is a time of celebration. Yet, all new parents are sleep-deprived, confused and often overwhelmed by the demands of parenthood. And for those who have come to parenting after a long, arduous course of infertility diagnosis and treatment, there are a unique set of dilemmas. The Long Awaited Stork covers feelings and issues as: Not feeling quite in the "club" of parents, concerns about privacy and secrecy, issues of legitimacy and feeling obliged to be grateful, even during parenthoods most challenging moments. Dr. Hilary Hanafin, one of the leading psychologists in this field writes of "Stork," "The Long Awaited Stork provides comfort to the infertile and is a must-read for mental health professionals in the field. Glazer's book is a sensitive and rich exploration into the long-term issues of infertility. Written in a clear and entertaining style, it provides parents and professionals with the missing piece in our search for understanding."

Experiencing Infertility

Experiencing InfertilityYou are not alone. That is the message of Experiencing Infertility, a collection of truly inspiring personal stories, essays and poems about the experiences of infertility, adoption, pregnancy after infertility, egg donation, sperm donation, and different forms of surrogacy. Past President of the New England Fertility Society, Nancy Harrington writes, "Ellen has captured the miraculous accomplishments that can be achieved by couples that are infertile. Each story told holds the true emotions of both pain and joy that can only be felt when infertility leads to parenthood....Reproductive endocrinologist, Andrew Friedman writes, "This unique blend of informative text coupled with real-life experiences provides tremendous insight into how deeply infertility permeates all aspect s of life--marriage, friendships, career and religion just to name a few. The frankness, honesty and depth of feeling in personal vignettes written by women, men and caregivers involved in infertility medicine reaches out and touches the reader in a most profound way."

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